Implant Dentures

Are you fed up with messy denture adhesives? Do you want to enjoy the foods you once did? If you want a denture that doesn’t “slip and slide” or you want to order what you love to eat the next time you’re in a restaurant then dentures secured with dental implants is something to consider.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium fixture inserted into the bone to replace the tooth’s root and serve as a permanent anchor for dentures. Normally two to four implants are used to secure an entire upper or lower denture into place.

Dental implant dentures are recommended more frequently for lower dentures which are often more difficult to stabilize and keep securely in place. You may however wish to use implants to secure your upper denture and get rid of the bulky palate. This can enable you to speak more clearly and taste your favorite foods better than ever.

Since the dentures are retained or supported by the dental implants, biting force is greatly increased, denture sore spots are significantly reduced and the collection of food under the denture is eliminated. Implant retained dentures provide our patients with a more secure and natural fit.

*Implant services are provided in conjunction with a dental specialist

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