Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a solution for those who wish to avoid being without teeth for a number of days or weeks after extractions. A full upper denture, full lower denture, or complete denture (top and bottom) can be inserted immediately after your natural teeth are removed.

In order to have the denture ready, impressions, measurements and shade selections are taken before your natural teeth are removed. Since the fitting of the dentures will change over the weeks after your natural teeth are removed, a temporary lining is used. The lining is changed regularly over the initial few months to ensure proper fitting.

In many cases we recommend temporary dentures be made and worn for several months while healing takes place.

After all changes to the shape of the gums, bone, and facial structure over a four to six month period has occurred the new high quality dentures will be made.

All of this will be discussed at the examination appointment.

Please schedule regular checkups to ensure that healing is progressing appropriately and any required adjustments are made as soon as possible.

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